About us

The attosecond group of the Department of Physics of Politecnico di Milano and of the IFN-CNR has a long standing expertise in the field of ultrafast science and technology. In 2006 the first complete temporal characterization of isolated attosecond pulses, based on the FROG CRAB technique, was demonstrated in Milano. The key laser technology at the basis of this result was the generation of high-energy few-optical-cycle pulses, by using the hollow fiber compression technique (invented and developed in 1996 by Orazio Svelto, Sandro De Silvestri and Mauro Nisoli). Since then, various important applications in attosecond science have been reported by the group, in close collaboration with various European researchers.
The Host Institution is the Department of Physics of Politecnico di Milano, which has been established with the mission of developing experimental and theoretical research activities in the field of Physics of Matter. The Department of Physics has also the objective of promoting interdisciplinary thematic projects with national and international universities and research institutions.
Particularly important is the collaboration with the Institute of Photonics and Nanotechnnologies (IFN) of the Italian National Research Council  (CNR), which has a long standing tradition in the field of ultrashort-pulse laser sources and their applications to ultrafast spectroscopy, as well as in surface science and in photobiology. CNR-IFN of Milan tends to increase the integration of the research activities within international projects and large international research infrastructures. The Institute has a great international visibility being one of the major bodies of the European facility Centre for Ultrafast Science and Biomedical Optics (CUSBO)  a facility in the field of lasers, optics and spectroscopy, established at the Department of Physics of Politecnico. CUSBO is part of the “Integrated Initiative Infrastructure” LASERLAB-EUROPE.