Fresnel Prize for Matteo Lucchini

The 2019 Fresnel Prize for applied aspects is awarded to Matteo Lucchini, Politecnico di Milano, Italy, for “outstanding contributions in the field of attosecond science. In particular for seminal contribution in the investigation of attosecond electron dynamics in solid state materials”. Congratulations Matteo!

Two PRIN projects awarded to our group

The Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) has awarded two projects of national interest (PRIN) to our group: 1 – Project n. 20173B72NB “Predicting and controlling the fate of bio-molecules driven by extreme-ultraviolet radiation”, where Prof. Nisoli is the principal investigator. 2 – Project Read More …

Fabian Holzmeier awarded the Ewald Prize

The German Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry recently awarded Fabian Holzmeier the Ewald Wicke Prize 2019, a renowned honor for early career physical chemists. Since September 2018 he is working in our lab as a Marie-Curie fellow on attosecond dynamics in molecules. Congratulations Fabian!