Rocío Borrego Varillas elected Chair of the Ultrasfast Phenomena OSA technical group

The Optical Society (OSA) has announced the new Chair-Elects for ten  OSA Technical Groups.  The announced individuals will serve as Chair-Elects through December 2019 and will then serve as Chair for a three-year term, beginning in 2020. Elected by fellow members, the Chairs will be responsible for creating an engagement plan for their specific technical group, providing an annual report on group activities to the OSA Board of Meetings, and designating an executive committee. The Chairs and executive committees will collaborate to organize special events featuring tailored programming for members at OSA meetings, facilitate online forums to engage in discussions, and deliver focused information on the latest developments in the field as well as pursue opportunities to explore emerging topics throughout their three-year terms. Rocío will serve as chair of the Ultrafast Optical Phenomena technical group.